Who is doing the work?


Oliver Fendt

Oliver Fendt studied telecommunication engineering. After his studies he started his career as a software developer at Siemens. He took several positions as software developer and project lead. In 2003 he moved on to Siemens Corporate Technology where he became responsible for Open Source license compliance. Oliver has more than 19 years experience in Open Source software, its license conditions and how to comply with different licenses. During this time, he kicked off several initiatives to reduce the cost of license compliance work. He has profound expertise in all areas of Open Source license compliance. Oliver initiated the OSSelot project and is the maintainer of the curation database repository.

Caren Kresse, OSADL

Caren Kresse holds a Master degree in Physics. Already during her studies she used and appreciated the large amount of Open Source software and she became acquainted with all aspects of Open Source communities. In particular, she specialized on legal and practical aspects of conveying Open Source software and has been working on various aspects of Open Source license compliance with OSADL since 2018. Among others, Caren leads the OSADL Open Source Policy project and is deeply involved in the OSADL License Obligations Checklists project. Furthermore, she maintains the OSADL Container Base Image. Caren contributes curated data to the curation database and maintains the OSSelot project page.

Astrid Spura, OSADL

Astrid Spura joined OSADL in 2014 and has since then extended her knowledge of the legal and strategical aspects of Open Source software. Among others, Astrid maintains the OSADL Legal FAQ collection and contributes to various OSADL license compliance projects such as the OSADL License Obligations Checklists project and the OSADL Open Source Policy project. Astrid contributes curated data to the OSSelot curation database.